Workshop on Gravitational Waves and Numerical Relativity


  • Since the first detection of gravitational waves in 2015, the importance of gravitational waves and numerical relativity is increasing as a method for astrophysics.
  • Gravitational wave detection and large-scale numerical simulation projects require more international cooperation, but the initial barrier to participate in these projects is quite high.


  • Identifying the latest research on gravitational waves and numerical relativity
  • Promotion of research exchanges among astrophysicists


  • Researchers and students in astrophysics


  • Latest research on gravitational waves and numerical relativity
  • Basic lectures for researchers and graduate students without related experiences


  • Main Session
    • 1-2 speakers
    • Intensive sessions for 2 hours from basic lectures to the latest research
    • A comfortable atmosphere to ask questions and discuss freely
  • Student Sessions
    • Provide 30 minute research introduction opportunities to graduate students in the field of astrophysics

Number of Participants

  • 30 people (15 Offline, 15 Online)
  • Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Plan for 2022

  • 64th: Mar. 30 (Wed.) - Mar. 31 (Thu.)
  • 65th: Jun. 8 (Wed.) - Jun. 9 (Thu.)
  • 66th: Aug. 31 (Wed.) - Sep. 1 (Thu.)
  • 67th: Oct. 19 (Wed.) - Oct. 20 (Thu.)