6th Seminar on Gravitational Waves and Numerical Relativity


  • Date: May. 3 (Fri.), 2019, 2 pm - 5 pm
  • Venue: Room 102, Lee Wonchul Hall, KASI
  • Title: Numerical Studies of sub-Keplerian Accretion Disk onto Black Holes
  • Speaker: Sudip K. Garain (KASI)
  • Abstract: Two component advective flow (TCAF) model is quite successful in explaining the spectral and timing properties of the accretion disk around black holes. The sub-Keplerian flow is an important component of TCAF model because it is responsible for producing the observed hard radiation in this model. In this talk, I shall mostly discuss the analytical solutions and numerical experiments of the advective sub-Keplerian disk. I shall also present some simulation results showing how such disk can explain the observed radiations from the black hole binaries.
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